Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gag recap cover - NYer satire

Here is a cover I did for the famous Cartoonists and Gagwriters Trade Journal, The Gag Recap back in October of 2004 . . it was one of a dozen or so poking fun at the " situation" at The New Yorker . . It was standard fare to poke fun . . a lot of it was just sour grapes from people who have tried relentlessly to sell there and a lot of the humor came as ideas from writers to me because I guess they felt the same way . . mystified, stunned, etc. . . people ALL OVER . . everywhere you went where there was more than one cartoonist in the group would be in almost 100% agreement that they could NOT understand the material that was being purchased and printed in " the greatest magazine there ever was "  started by Harold Ross in February of 1925 that has become an institution . .

People are STILL TODAY wondering WHAT HAPPENED ?  No one knows.  Even the people who are BUYING the material cannot explain it, without using words like trying to explain what appears to 99.999% of the readers as " a weak joke" or a joke that is "not  funny enough to be printed " . . . this is very simply explained that it is a gossamer . . . The same type of defense ( actually a gossamer defense ) is used when trying to defend a poor or terrible or " bad " drawing  . . . They call it a GOOD BAD DRAWING .

As long as you keep people confused with an answer like this, ( a touchy-feely kind of rationale explanation, stuff that you can defend because it FEELS right to YOU in your heart ) you can get away with it IF you are talking to someone with an idiot's I.Q., it CAN work, I guess.  The response to these editorial-type cartoons ran about 98% to 2%.  The 98% came via letters to the editor and me receiving two phone  calls by cartoonists I had never met.  They all came to my defense AFTER the Trade Journal received a complaint saying I was not very smart because I was " ASSAULTING" The New Yorker . .    Lighten up, have a drink, pretend it's touchy feely.  A cartoon drawing should be judged by the writing and the execution in style compared to all the rest of the material that is being purchased, NOT by whether you LIKE or DISLIKE the artist because of his views or  . . . anybody remember Dalton Trumbo, Hm-m-n ?

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